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Google moves into space!!

Has become the Russian-born U.S. billionaire and one of the founders of search engine Google Sergey Brin, space tourist in 2012. The Chairman of the Group Center Eric Anderson, Space Adventures said that Sergey Brin was one of the potential candidates to go into space, he said, adding that the Center will continue to send tourists into space Although the number of members of the International Space Station has increased from three to six on a permanent basis. 

Anderson had recently said that there would be two seats on the Soyuz space shuttle, which was built by relying on private funds, not government, pointing out that it might have a third seat in the shuttle if it had the circumstances to do so. The Hungarian-born space tourist Charles Simonyi and planned to return to the ground in the eighth of April to pay U.S. $ 35 million to travel to the International Space Station.

In June 2008 invested Brin (35) Five million U.S. $ in a Space Adventures. It is known that Brin emigrated from Russia with his family to America when he was 6 years old and is listed by Forbes magazine ranked the thirty-second among the most richest people in the world.

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How many users faceBook

Officially confirmed that the number of participants in the online social site Facebook hit 200 million subscribers as reported by the site's founder and CEO is Mark Zukrberg. Zukrberg wrote in the code of the site Wednesday, the official says, "No participant will welcome 200 million at the time of the day .. The rapid increase in subscribers is a good start, but we have always taught us that in order to work on the Facebook site to help people in all that they represent in What happens when the world, each person needs to have his voice heard. "

The revival of this course, Facebook launched a new page entitled "Vaispock for the better," so as to allow for the participation of members of the social position of memories and experiences on how they helped the site.

The site has succeeded in attracting some of the 16 partner institutions, charities and human rights groups that have established "virtual gifts" Members can purchase on-site and shared with others, to allocate funds for most of the issues of charity, with the remainder allocated to administrative expenses, and not for "Vaispock", also wrote Zukrberg .

It is these associations and charitable organizations, the American Red Cross, the Association of Cardiology and the American Organization of "charity" on the water fresh and clean as well as other companies. Despite the significant increase in the number of participants, however, that the Facebook site for those who deny that it is profitable, as pointed out by some critics.

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A new program to restore deleted files

Program is the Recover Deleted Files 3 unique programs that help the user to restore deleted files. Can this program is to restore deleted files from various different media storage Kalqrs steel, memory sticks, floppy disks and other storage media, in addition to the retrieval of the files that were deleted from the trash


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